• Look what was achieved with these photos

    Hey, so here at Charlie's Drawings we understand that sometimes its impossible to get the perfect pictures. Maybe they were taken a long time ago or maybe these just didnt have the right setting or lighting. Well fear not we can work with most photos to create something magical and saviour for a long time. Look at these two photos we were given.    These two people from different eras were required to be drawn together to look like they had m...
  • What to expect from Colour Digital Portrait

    A style that is very popular to re-connect lost family members is Colour Digital Portrait. This style can create a beautiful & stunning piece of art that doesn't cost the earth, in fact just £16 per person.  Look at these three wonderful images we got sent through    Now these photos hold special moments in their own right but being drawn together evokes a whole new set.. see what we did with these...    To order one of these either...


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