Caricature from photo
caricature from photo
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Family caricature from photo

Caricature from photo

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Here at Charlie’s Drawings, as well as our fantastic realistic portraits, we also specialise in fun and colourful caricatures from photos!

We have a team of artists just for this style! They absolutely love creating digital caricatures from photos, there are so many different styles and themes… the only limit is your imagination!

You can be drawn in any location, with any background and wearing anything! Whether you want the whole family drawn on the Simpsons couch or you want to be Wonder Woman riding a polar bear! Anything is possible with our caricatures from photos!

These caricatures really are fantastic gifts for everyone, from children all the way up to our favourite oldies! From little Jessie drawn as Moana, to grandpops in the garden growing his prize turnips, theres something for everyone! You could be riding a unicorn over the rainbow or driving a tractor through a farm, flying a plane or snorkelling in the barrier reef!

How about Uncle John dressed in his favourite teams kit… standing in the Emirates stadium, sporting the famous red and white Arsenal shirt! You could even have the whole family drawn together, each dressed as their favourite character or ready for their favourite hobby!

All we need to get your fantastic caricature underway is a clear photo of everyone to be featured in the caricature. They can be drawn together from separate photos or from the same photo, as long as it’s a nice clear shot, we’ll take care of the rest.

Here at Charlie’s drawings, we’ve been creating amazing pieces of art for our lovely customers for over four years now! With thousands of satisfied customers and so many wonderful reviews we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service skills as well as our talented artists providing everything from family portraits to caricatures from photos!

Feel free to follow our facebook page and take a look at our wonderful reviews under “visitors posts” you will also see loads of examples of our work, get exclusive deals and discounts and be able to enter free competitions and giveaways!

If you still need some inspiration then here are some of our favourite ideas for caricatures from photos; how about a family of superheroes?! Choose your favourite superheroes and we can wave our magic wands and help you to create them! Perhaps Mum is wonder woman (aren’t all Mums?!), Dad is Batman, little Ben is Superman, Josh is Iron man and Ellie is Spidergirl!

Or of course you could have a mixture of all your favourite characters! From superheroes to Disney princesses and even footballers! Would your child love to be drawn riding Thomas the Tank Engine or splashing in muddy puddles with Peppa and George? You’ve come to the right place!

Once your caricature has been competed from your photo, you will be sent an email preview for your approval… once you’ve approved the art work it will be sent to you on your choice of canvas or print (whichever you selected when ordering) and will be ready to hang on your wall as a fantastic feature and a real talking point!

These can be hung in any room of the house and can be drawn for individual children as amazing art for their rooms! Our caricatures from photos really are limitless and so versatile!


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