Tips & Tricks for the Charlies Drawings Pet Competiton


Charlies Drawings Pet Competition Tips and Tricks.


So if you don’t already know, on our Facebook Page we are running our latest competition. This Competition is for a FREE PET COLOUR DRAWING, not bad eh. Now this competition is a little bit different then usual, the idea is simple the more you share the higher up the leader board you will go. If you haven’t signed up yet you can through here


The task

Each person that enters the competition, will be sent their very own referral link, your job is to send this to as many people as you can. Everyone that enters the competition through your link will give you a point on the leader board, so its important to give your referral link a real boost.


The Prize

We are giving away a FREE COLOUR PENCIL SKETCH of your PET.


The Rules

The rules are very simple, sign up as many people as you can to enter this competition. We take FAKE PROFILES, FAKE EMAIL ADDRESS added very seriously. Each profile uploaded is accessed, if we believe there to be a number of FAKE Accounts your entry will be banned.


Tips and Tricks

So you’ve had a look and your thinking … where do I even start… I have set up a few simple tricks that will insure your be in with a chance of winning…

  • EMAIL – You will be emailed your referral link to the completion so this seems the perfect place to start. Do you know that most people have an average on 100 email contacts on their account? Now lets take advantage of this, send a polite email telling them about the chance of winning a fantastic drawing. Make sure you include your exclusive link and you be getting points before you know it.
  • WORK/GROUP EMAIL – So you’ve exhausted your personal contacts, why not send a quick work email around telling everyone about the great competition. Also if you belong to any groups, it wouldn’t hurt to send them all a quick email.
  • Facebook – So you have a Facebook account filled with people that you barely know, now these people are not just there to Facebook stalk, make them work for you. Simply post your link onto your personal Facebook Profile, you can write things like ‘ Wow look at this great competition’ this small post will go a long way.
  • Twitter – So most people have about 100 twitter followers, why not send out a tweet explaining the comp and the link.. Another great source of points.
  • THE BEST TRICK … So look at your Facebook, I bet there’s a huge chance that you belong to a number of busy Facebook groups. For example local buy and sell groups, these groups have masses of people looking for a bargain. Why not post a referral link on there giving them a chance to win this fantastic competition. Remember the more you sign up the higher you go in the leader board.


That pretty much sums up ways on how to WIN this competition, remember that at least 60% of people that read this will not act on this….GOOD LUCK!!



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