Drawn Pictures from Past and Present


Many families have decorated their homes with photos and emblems of relatives that have long since passed or are still with us today. These possessions are priceless reminders of their places in our hearts, and each moment we cherished with them over the years. One of the dearest photos one can display in the home is the family portrait. It is a timeless depiction of the precious, dynamic relationships shared between each of your closest loved ones. 

Drawn Portraits

Though people often capture moments between father and child, wife and husband, and brother and sister in photo form, there are far more portrait alternatives with which you can portray the love shared within your family as the years unfold. One of those options is to have an artist hand-draw your portrait, reflecting your relatives’ beautiful faces in a way that no other medium could. Here are a few key reasons why you should choose a hand-drawn family portrait to store your family’s memory for generations.

Why Hand-Drawn Artistry is Best for Your Family Portrait

In times past, drawn portraits were a luxury afforded only to royalty. Societies the world over have preserved such drawings and paintings for generations, many of which are still on display for the public to view and appreciate. Today, although we still value pictorial records of families and individuals, we are overtaken by the instant gratification of cell phone and digital cameras. The touch of humanity in the preservation of family memories is entirely lost.

Yet, having your family portrait drawn by an artist revives that human element in the capturing of your family’s history, whether it be a son or daughter, a pet, or even your home. For example, a camera cannot do justice to the intricacies of yours and your relatives’ facial features. It cannot perceive elements of your personalities and work those characteristics into the final piece.

drawn pictures

An artist, on the other hand, can infer who you are and how you interact with one another, and ensure that these details are reflected in each stroke of the pen or pencil. Further, you can only perform so much customization on a photographed family portrait. (And when such customization is achieved, it tends to read as artificial, given the overwhelming digital manipulation of colour saturation, contrast, and more.) With a hand-drawn piece, you can rest assured that your beloved portrait will retain its authenticity, avoiding any visual distractions from your loved ones’ faces.

Preserve Moments of Your Lifetime in a Drawn Portrait

Few things compare to being able to pass down family treasures through the generations. What better heirloom is there than an invaluable piece of art that immaculately depicts each member of your lineage through the ages? An artist can help to carefully sustain your family’s place in history, while incorporating elements that are unique to you and your relationships.

With a drawn portrait, you have the chance to tell the story of your family in a way that no camera ever could. To begin your own, contact our artists today.

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