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Hi Guys I’m writing this little blog just to keep you updated on all the new products available with Charlie’s Drawings. So last week I launched ‘Photo Restoration’ service, this is simply set up for you to dig out some old photos from the cupboard and give them a new lease of life. The photo restoration costs £20 per photo and can be performed on pretty much any photo you have. So how does it work I hear you ask? To order you simply scan in or take a photo of your old photo, this may be a photo that is damaged or sepia tone or black and white. I then take the photo and from the tone in the black and white I am able to restore the picture into full colour. The colour matching is uncanny, you will be amazed at the results I am sure of it, you then on the website get the option to get the photos printed on various different medias.

My story

So how I started this was my Nan gave me an old photo of her and her brothers and Sisters. She asked if I could simply get it blown up and put onto a canvas or a bigger size print. As I looked at the photo it looked very grey and dark, yes still a beautiful photo but I though there must be a way to get this photo back to its former glory. After a couple of days of looking at the photo I noticed that even though the photo was black and white you could still see the tones and the different colours, this then led me to do my first ‘Photo Restore’.

The results were amazing and my nan absolutely loved the canvas I got for her, I also got her a couple of ke

y rings with the same photo on so she can have her family with her where ever she goes.




How to start your Photo Restoration Story?

If you want your old photos restored and given that extra boost of life back then please do order online here

. Here you can upload your photo, choose your delivery method and pay for your drawing. I will aim to get all photos done within 3 to 5 buisness days, that is plus any delivery times for canvases or prints. As this is such a unique and special service I expect this will be a lot busier in the Christmas periods, so please get your orders in as soon as you can.


Remember you can get in contact with the team and me on FACEBOOK, WEBSITE LIVE CHAT & EMAIL. All awvailable on the website. Have a great day and I look forward to restoring some of your amazing photos.

 Many Thanks

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