Black & White Pencil Portrait Sketches


Let me introduce you to one of our most popular products to date.. 'Black & White Pencil Portrait Sketch'. This concept is pretty simple its for people who want a life like sketch of their photos. These have become incredably popular for people wanting family sketches or loved pets.

So how do i order one? The process couldnt be easier.. you can simply logon to our website. Which if your reading this your already on it! Here is a few simple steps on how to order...

1) Log on to

2) Click on the Black & White Pencil Caricature.

3) Select the option.. Number of People & Pets. Simply choose how many people/pets you want drawing.

4) You then have the option to Add a background, Add text, If you want neither.. simply dont touch the options.

5) All thats left to do is upload your pictures onto the website, If for some reason you cannot do this, then email your pictures to

6) The last step is to choose your delivery method... There are so many options for you clearly to choose..


COMPLETE! Now sit back and relax and wait for your hand drawn picture to be recieved... 



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