❤️A very emotional one...


Some of the reasons behind drawn my pictures are so rewarding that i think its only right to share them with you lovely people. 

A popular reason to have a drawing done is to get that picture that never could be taken..back in march we had this request in.... 

"Please could I have it drawn so it looks like they were all in the photo together. Could you please not include the pram in my daughters photo. I would like this done in black and white"

Of course we would try our best to get this done and have the perfect portrait made.. here is what we came up with.. 

Safe to say the customer was happy.... 


"Would like to say the biggest thank you for this incredible drawing of my grandfather and children. Unfortunately they never got to meet each other but with Charlie's amazing talent I now have a sketch of them together that I can treasure forever! The likeness and detail in these photos is incredible! You are very talented and I would highly recommend you to anybody! Very fast service and extremely reasonable too! Thanks Charlie!"


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